On ex-girlfriend residue.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about eight months, and I’m definitely serious about it, he says he is too.

But around a month ago he said that he’s been missing his ex-girlfriend. Of course I freaked the fuck out, but he said he had no intention of breaking up with me cause he likes me and cares about me and wants it to work out.

He said to give him some time to sort out his head. We’re not on a break, so it’s like everything’s kind of back to normal but it’s at the back of my mind and it surfaces when we have a fight or something. As in I would think about it. He never compares me to her and says that I shouldn’t cause it’s totally different, but I would, in my own head.

Should I hound him for an answer or just let it work itself out?

Don’t hound him. That’ll backfire.

Besides, what is there to answer? He misses his ex-girlfriend. It’s pretty straightforward. Quite frankly, you should be happy that you’ve got a guy who’s open with you and honest about his feelings. It’s a sign of maturity and respect.

I don’t know what the ground rules are in your relationship, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any infidelity here. It doesn’t sound like a love triangle either. At most, it sounds like an emotional threesome.

Just let it work itself out. Encourage that level of openness, but don’t press him for conclusions that he hasn’t reached yet.


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