On finding yourself in an affair.

I’ve been “dating” this guy for a couple weeks casually. It’s more like we get together for dinner and then fuck like rabbits, but I have absolutely no problem with that. He’s a no strings kind of guy that’s still genuine and fun to hang around/party with. It’s kind of the perfect “relationship” for me. Then, the other day, he forgot to take his wedding ring off. First time I ever saw it. I don’t necessarily enjoy it when women sleep with married or taken men, and now I feel like shit. I somehow feel like I shouldn’t because I didn’t know (and, like an ass, never noticed anything that would indicate that he was) but I can’t help it. I’ve cut off contact for now, but I don’t know how to get rid of the guilty feeling. Any advice?

You cut off contact for now? Fuck that. Confirm that he’s married, and if he is, cut off contact permanently.

The guilty feeling exists because you haven’t done the right thing and actually ended it yet. Finish the job, sweetie. Up to this point, you haven’t been complicit in an affair, but if you continue seeing him, you will have a reason for the guilt.

It’s not worth it, by the way. Consider this a learning experience and move on. Don’t waste your energy or your emotions on people who lack integrity. A man who engages in that level of calculated deception doesn’t deserve one more second of your time.


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