Fun-Sized Advice

On fun sized advice.

Do you do any philanthropy?
I do volunteer work. Right now I’m mentoring for a non-profit reading and writing program for second graders.

What’s the difference between innocence and naiveté?
What’s the difference between O.J. Simpson and his jury?

Do you think the television show America’s Next Top Model has any value?
To the cosmetics industry, most definitely.

What is your response to a man who wonders aloud if you are trying to ‘trap’ him?
That really depends on the context. Does this guy think you’re deliberately trying to get pregnant, or does he think you’re a pre-op tranny? Those require totally different responses.

I spend a good portion of the hour in my high school web design class just reading your blog. I still hold a 98% average though. 🙂
Nice. For your homework assignment, set the browser home page on every computer at your school to

Is it better to get a Liberal Arts Degree or a Communications Degree?
It doesn’t matter. No one will ever fucking care. Study what you love.

Does the mounting violence in Mexico trouble you considering it is largely caused by the drug trade?
The drug trade? Fuck you. The violence is caused by prohibition. Until idiots like you understand the distinction, all sorts of people will continue to suffer.

How about pissing on a feminist?
That costs extra.

What do you think of Paz de la Huerta?
She’s sex on legs, dripping, delicious, and killing it on Boardwalk Empire.

Do you like Dave Matthews?
He’s a total sweetheart. As for his music, well, there was a time and a place many, many years ago.

Do you think of yourself as a judgmental person?
Not on my better days.

Why do you insist on using ableist language?
Because political correctness is fucking retarded.

What’s your opinion on people eating animals?
What’s your opinion on animals eating animals?

Why do vegans and vegetarians think that they’re saving the world?

No, no. It’s not fair to pick on a few arrogant herbivores. The world is full of assholes who think they’re saving it because of some elitist lifestyle choice.

How to go about telling my boyfriend of 9 months that after 3 years of being openly bisexual, I only like girls now?

Don’t make it about your sexual identity. Just break up with him. Tell him the relationship has run its course, and its time for you to go your separate ways.


2 thoughts on “On fun sized advice.

  1. Lise says:

    She was sexy in a dirty-sexy-cool way in 2010 (see Agent Provocateur campaign) but went more dirty than cool before long.

    Given that Harvey Weinstein raped her twice, this is not a great surprise.

    How many women’s careers (and sexualities) have either been ruined or used against them now?

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