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On fun-sized advice

the more time passes that frank ocean doesn’t release anything, the more pressure he puts on himself to make sure the albums “perfect” and the less likely he is to release anything…..please say it isn’t so. do you think he’s just being a dick by not saying anything? Im asking you because you are like a pencil sharpener of pop culture and public relations savvy (not to mention psychology and partying). We are the pencils I guess LOVE YOU
As in all things, not releasing can be more exquisite than the release. Let that be your lesson.

Is Donald Trump as terrifying as he seems?
Nah, Trump is a clown. It’s the people who would vote for him that are terrifying.

Is it possible to ask for more communication and/or more time together in a relationship while still remaining casual?
Yes. Ask for what you want. Know what it is and be specific, but just fucking ask.

Is it acceptable to be more attracted to one race than to others?
Not when you make it about race. (Cultural conditioning affects what you find attractive. It’s not your fault that your attraction is conditioned by hegemonic beauty standards, but you should recognize how those standards play an insidious role in systemic racism.)

Chère Coquette, I’m 40 years old, divorced 5 years ago and just starting to feel better after a long grief of having become a broken family (fuck you, ex-husband) and a depression related to this event. I have an amazing 11 years old daughter, I love my job and own a great apartment in the coolest part of Montreal. Why do I feel stalled, stuck and unable to start the next chapter of my life?
Because you still feel the need to say “fuck you” to your ex husband.

Do you have any advice on how to write college app essays when you feel completely uninspired by the prompts? Btw, thanks for everything Coquette. You answered an ask of mine once when I was in middle school, feels like it’s sort of come full circle <3
Write *around* the prompts. Just pour yourself into the essay. Having a clear voice is more important than following the letter of the question.

PLEASE comment on the raid of’s headquarters. From your perspective, what was the real motive behind it?
Motive? Please. The entire Department of Homeland Security is bored and stupid. They literally have nothing better to do.


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