Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Is it always a bad idea to forgive a cheater?
No, it’s actually a good idea to forgive a cheater, but that doesn’t mean forget, and that sure as hell doesn’t mean give back your trust.

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence? Role model or another Hollywood standard of perfection (even if she does love pizza)?
I’ve got no reason to throw shade on J-Law. She’s a perfectly decent generational replacement for Julia Roberts, but come on. Role model? Never, I repeat, NEVER look to movie stars as role models. Set your standards higher than beautiful idiots who play pretend for a living.

Why am I still so attracted to my rapist? He’s all I can think about when I masturbate.
You are not attracted to your rapist. You are merely having sexual thoughts about him. Don’t confuse those thoughts for an emotional connection. They’re just a coping mechanism that allows you to exert control in your mind. It’s all a part of your healing process.

How can I explain to someone the enormous difference between “black pride” and “white pride?”
Don’t bother. Instead, explain the concepts of cultural hegemony and systemic racism. Re-frame their world view until they see the difference for themselves. 

Where does one draw the line when considering a person’s mental illness (depression specifically) as an excuse for their horrid, uncomfortable and sometimes alienating behaviour?
Draw the line wherever you feel is necessary. Mental disorders may be the reason for certain behaviors, but they are not an excuse.

Is there anything you’ll admit to being hypocritical about?
Really? Your narcissism is so lazy that you can’t even bother hunting for your own reason to call me a hypocrite? Ugh. You’re the kind of asshole who would commit suicide by getting the cops to shoot you.

How do you develop a skin as thick as yours? I’m in awe.
I don’t have a thick skin. I just don’t take shit personally.


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