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On fun-sized advice

Thoughts on casual sex with men who say they’re married but in an open marriage? I usually assume they’re full of shit, but do you have a general policy on this type of situation?
If you know the guy’s wife, get her permission first. If not, it’s up to you whether you want to take the guy’s word for it.

We had fire, I told him I liked him, now we have smoldering embers. But sometimes it sparks up again and we both get kind of lost in the smoke. What the hell is going on?
What’s going on is a situation where a dude isn’t that into you, but still wants to fuck you on occasion, so you let him, which leads to confusion in the form of overextended fire metaphors.

I want to get a French degree, despite the knowledge that it will be essentially useless to me. But it’s what I love! Is there any merit to the “follow your dreams” clich√©?
Sure, there’s plenty of merit if you’re independently wealthy and want an excuse to live in Paris, but don’t go into debt for a useless degree.

Is being agnostic, but retaining certain practices of the religion that you grew up with misguided or hypocritical?

Nah. Tradition is important. If certain religious rituals connect you to friends and family, there’s no harm in partaking. Besides, at the end of the day, pretty much everyone is at least a little bit agnostic.

Should we be preparing for another, and this time far more painful, financial collapse?
You can prepare, but it won’t matter. If the kind of economic collapse you’re referring to actually happens, it will be accompanied soon after by a third world war that sparks in the Middle East and pits the West against a Russia-China Axis over control of dwindling energy resources. Wheee!

I’m interested in what you think of Veronica Bayetti Flores’ op-ed piece on Lorde’s ‘Royals’ she wrote for She thinks the lyrics are “deeply racist.” Thoughts?
Yeah, that was a brain fart that accidentally got published. The problem with the feminist echo chamber (as with all echo chambers) is that when somebody farts, it’s super loud.


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