Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

How would you define culturally white?
Think of “culturally white” as America’s default setting.

What is the American dream?
A hegemonic marketing strategy.

Why is there such a big disconnect between my rational understanding of how things should work in a given situation and my emotional response to said situation?
Because you used the word “should.”

At what point does a partner worrying about your safety become patronizing?
Right before it becomes controlling.

Do you believe in a soul/spirit?
Not in the dualistic sense, no.

He broke off the engagement, but still wants to be friends and is actually calling to hang out. WTF?
Tell him to fuck off.

Is it reasonable for a woman to want kids, but not to go through the scream-pee-poop phase by adopting a 5 year old?
It’s not a puppy, you fucking twit.

What if nothing makes you happy. Then what should you do?
Stop relying on external sources for your happiness.

Why does Picasso Baby annoy me so much?
Despite Jay-Z’s charisma, the New York art scene is mostly insufferable.


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