Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

You’re in fashion.
Are you complimenting my popularity or making an assumption about my occupation?

Can you please explain the concept of sex tapes? What’s the appeal?
Narcissus had a reflecting pool. We have camera phones.

Is George Zimmerman guilty?
Of murder? Maybe. Of manslaughter? Definitely. It seems to be a pretty clear cut case of imperfect self-defense, but we’ll see how the jury fucks it up.

Is it trashy to have sex at someone’s house when you are their guest?
That depends entirely on the house rules. A good guideline is whether you have to hide your sex noises from the person who washes the sheets.

Why is it that the more guys hit on me, the less attractive I feel?
The more guys hit on you, the more conscious you become of your own physicality, and any positive male attention is far outweighed by your negative self-image.

How can I accept my bisexuality? And how do I know if I’m not truly gay and that accepting bisexuality is just another rationalization of my sexuality.
Sexual orientation isn’t binary. It’s a spectrum, and establishing a sexual identity that doesn’t fit neatly into the checkbox of gay or straight isn’t inherently a rationalization. Just do your thing, man.

I’m from a faith tradition; he steadfastly opposes any organized religion. How do we craft a wedding that honors both of us?
Compromise. Have a faith-based ceremony, but not in a church. Let his vows be secular and yours be traditional. Be willing to adjust your expectations as much as he’s willing to adjust his principles. If you can’t figure this shit out, then both of you should re-evaluate your life choices.

“…living your life like it’s a preamble to some eventual state of accomplishment” — Oh my God, that’s me! So, if we’re not working toward some eventual state of accomplishment, then what?
Live in the present moment. Duh.


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