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On fun with christians

It’s ironic how you brand every Christian as close-minded by virtue of them being Christian.

I must ask, though. If being Christian requires a person to give up rational thinking, why have many of the greatest thinkers of history, those who are undoubtedly some of the most intelligent people who have ever lived, chosen Christianity? From Nicolaus Copernicus to Johannes Kepler, Galileo to Descartes, Blaise Pascal to Karol Wojtyla – all have greatly affected the world with contributions that require immense amounts of rational thinking, but all devoutly Christian. Why do you think this is so if Christianity is as you accuse it to be – devoid of any semblance of rationality?

Is it absolutely impossible then that for some people, Christianity is what is reasonable? That their answers to life’s mysteries aren’t canned, but are answers they have arrived at by means of their independent reason which simply coincide with the tenets of Christianity? That rationality is not surrendered to Christianity, but to Christianity is where rationality points?

Just because you couldn’t fathom the possibility doesn’t mean it does not exist, right? Like you said, you don’t know any more about the nature of the universe than I do, so why are you so sure that whatever Christianity teaches is absolutely false? Aren’t you missing the point of being open-minded then?


Really? You’re gonna cherry pick a few scientists and philosophers from the church’s bloodiest era and use them as evidence of its reason? Not for nothing, but it’s pretty easy to be a devout Christian when the alternative is being burned at the stake for heresy.

Great minds have always labored under the limitations of their time period. The faulty paradigms and corrupt institutions under which those thinkers were forced to bring light into the world deserve neither credit nor credence for their individual genius.

And Karol Wojtyla? What the fuck? Are we playing “one of these things is not like the others?” The dude was Pope. Sure, he was the cute and cuddly one, but that doesn’t make the catholic church any less evil. You wanna talk about affecting the world with contributions? Okay. On his watch, how about contributions like homophobia, misogyny, disease-spreading ignorance, and institutionalized child rape.

If after all the critical thinking of which your mind is capable, you still insist that Christianity is where rationality points, I’m not going to argue with you. It’s not my job to teach you how to grasp the concepts of either Christianity or rationality.

I will say this, though. Do your best not to throw around words like “ironic” when you have no fucking clue what they mean. Unless I turn out to be a nun, nothing I’ve said about Christianity qualifies as irony.

For the record, irony is when an idiot like you has the gall to invoke Galileo in an argument that rationality is not surrendered to Christianity.

Quite frankly, until you understand both the literary and historical implications of that level of egregious stupidity, you should just go sit in the corner while the earth keeps spinning around the sun.


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