On getting a prescription.

Is it worth getting a medical marijuana card?  I’m unquestionably eligible, smoke a fair bit of weed, but given how easy and safe it is to find excellent weed in California,  I don’t know if it’s worth my very limited student dollars.

Safe? Dude, I know it’s California, but that shit isn’t quite legal just yet. For a hundred bucks, you can have a doctor write you a legit medical marijuana prescription for a year.

Think of it like weed insurance. You’ll be carrying the hippie version of a get out of jail free card. Not that getting busted for simple possession is gonna get you incarcerated, but if you do something stupid or end up on the shady side of an asshole cop, a drug charge could still be a major hassle that puts your academic career in jeopardy.

With a medical marijuana card, you don’t have to worry about possession or cultivation for personal use in California. I’d say that peace of mind is worth twelve bucks a month, and of course, you’ll have access to all that ridiculously good shit at the dispensaries.


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