On getting on with it.

I’m ten months into a relationship with a great boyfriend- he is non-judgmental, generous in bed, attentive but not needy, nice to my friends, polite to my family, etc. We’ve been doing long distance for about five months because we go to schools a few hours away from one another (so more of a long drive than long distance). Lately I’ve been really stressed and find myself annoyed with him all the time, for shit that wouldn’t annoy me if someone else was doing it. I avoid him on the phone and don’t want to have sex. I have a history of depression and can feel that I am on the edge of sliding into an episode lately, and I don’t know if my relationship is adding to my level of mental strain. I feel like my boyfriend is an obligation rather than a person I want to see and spend time with, and I feel guilty because he is so effortlessly and happily in love with me and I frequently feel like I want to scream at him when he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. I don’t know what I should do- part of me thinks when the stress of school lets up I’ll be more receptive to being in a relationship, but another part thinks I should just cut ties and focus on managing my mental health. He knows all about what’s going on in my head right now and wants to be there to support me, but that just makes me feel guilty because I feel like such a bitch all the time. So I put the question to you: would you break up with him or suck it up and try to be a girlfriend who isn’t such a bitch?

Break up with him. For your sake and for his.

Stop thinking you have some obligation to be in a relationship, much less a half-assed long distance one. You’re a fucking mess. Let him off the hook.


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