On hiding money from a reckless spender

Do you think it’s ok to hide money from your husband if he’s a reckless spender? We’re relatively comfortable but we aren’t saving any money at all. If there is anything extra after a pay day, he wants to spend it on himself. I’m fed up. I handle all of our bills and could probably easily hide around $150 each payday. I just want a safety net and I don’t think he is capable of knowing that it exists and keeping his hands off. What to do, coquette?

Fucking hell, lady. Start saving some damn money, and don’t feel the least bit bad about being sneaky. If you have to hide savings from your husband because he’s fiscally irresponsible, so be it. He’s not allowed to put you in financial peril just because he’s a reckless spender.

I recommend you open up a Bluebird account in your own name. It’s paperless, private, and comes with a ton of free features. Keep that shit separate from all your other banking, and use it to slowly build up a safety net. You can drop money in it every month as if it’s just another bill you have to pay, and your husband will never know the difference.

Best case scenario, you’ve got a rainy day fund and peace of mind. Worst case scenario, you’re saving up for your divorce. Either way, this is one of those times when keeping a secret is the responsible thing to do.


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