On making a new frenemy.

My boyfriend has been friends with this girl since they were children. They dated once when they were much younger but she cheated on him and needless to say things didn’t work out. She flirts with him in front of me and is passive-aggressively a bitch to me. I tell him this bothers me. He doesn’t seem to notice her antics and claims I’m being jealous. I say I don’t want to be around her so he thinks I’m tearing him away from his friends. I don’t think he would ever cheat on me but I don’t understand why there is this undying loyalty to this girl. What I really want to do is just backhand her to the ground. Does a situation like this cause for these measures or is there something else I can do?

If your instinct is to backhand her to the ground, the bitch is winning. Quit letting her get to you.

Recognize that you’re feeling jealous. Admit that you’re feeling threatened. Let that shit wash over you, and then let it go.

Just ignore her. Better yet, kill her with kindness and make a new frenemy. Beat her at her own game. It will impress your boyfriend and drive her crazy at the same time.

Remember, you’re the one he’s with now. Not her. As long as you don’t let her get to you, you’ve already won.


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