On me not giving a fuck.

So, do you really think that the only people who truly critically examine their own beliefs will ultimately arrive at your same conclusion, or they aren’t as intelligent or open-minded as you? They failed because you’re not on the same page? Or are there a few derivatives of your apathetic existential nihilism that get your approval? You say you don’t know shit about the nature of the universe, okay, so what authorizes you to say that the beliefs of others are inherently wrong. There’s just as much evidence that Buddha/Jesus/Brahma is real as there is evidence that the supreme overlord of the universe is a CareBear on crack as there is evidence that nobody’s running this show. My only requirement for an open mind is that you admit you don’t know shit. And you tote your atheism/whatever like it’s the dammed answer to everything.  It’s not, it is A answer. Good for you that it’s yours. But it doesn’t mean that you should automatically dismiss anyone who believes differently. Can you say you’re truly open to all possibilities when you’re this dismissive?

Finally, a hater who actually uses full sentences. It’s much appreciated.

First of all, I dispute your accusation that my nihilism is apathetic. On the contrary, my nihilism is passionate. My nihilism has joie de vivre. My nihilism wears heels bigger than your dick.

Secondly, I don’t tote my beliefs around like they’re the answer to everything, nor do I automatically dismiss anyone who believes differently. That’s what religious people do. I’m not religious.

And yes, I’m truly open to all possibilities when I’m this dismissive. There’s a difference between being dismissive to ideas and being dismissive to ignorance. I don’t suffer fools, and I don’t give equal time to idiots. Bring something to the table and we’ll talk.

Who am I to do such a thing? Well for one, I’m not a fucking idiot.

Where do I get the authority to say others are wrong? Fuck you, that’s where. I don’t need authorization to call it like I see it. Feel free to act all butthurt, but no one’s making you follow my advice column, and remember, you’re the one who wrote to me.

On that note, thanks so much for reading. I love my fans.



2 thoughts on “On me not giving a fuck.

  1. Chris says:

    That’s it, I’m calling it.

    Coquette is Pat Robertson. I’m plunking down $10 that when he goes, so will the solid advice.

    Who wants a piece of this action?

  2. Karen in Montreal says:

    OOOOOOMG, the questioner’s logic is so damned weak ……. Sigh.

    We have no evidence or proof of whether there is or isn’t a god, or a Care-Bear on crack, running the universe.

    But that doesn’t make every belief or explanation equal. Some explanations (ie, Care-Bear, old guy in gown with strong opinions about what we should eat or who we should fuck, standing on a cloud) are much less plausible than others. ( Although at the moment I personally find the crackhead Care-Bear a more plausible explanation than any benevolent father figure, so there are levels of plausibility even there …)

    Saying we don’t actually know does NOT give license for people to just make stuff up, and then claim it is all equally reasonable.

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