Fun-Sized Advice

On more fun sized advice.

How do you tell a flirt from one who actually likes you?
If she licks your balls, she actually likes you.

I masturbate everyday. Is that too much?

When’s the best time to make a move?
The second before you start wondering whether you should.

sex now or later?

Coke or Pepsi?

mac or pc?
Buy me an iPad and I’ll tell.

How do i go about getting into the coke business?
Send your resume here or here.

Are you a member of the Mile-High club?
Do private jets count? If so, yes.

Are you talking to me or the voices in your head?

Would you ever partake in cake farts?
I’ll partake in cake farts if you partake in two girls one cup.

Why can’t more girls be like you?
Oh please, you couldn’t handle us if there were.

could I be too vulnerable?
No, but you could be too weak.

i think i might be gay what do i do

Love yourself. Respect yourself. Be yourself.

Do you live by any mottos?
See answer above.


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