On sneaking to the doctor.

How do I tell my mom that I want to start going to the Gynecologist? She’s really strict and I know she’d fucking kill me if she knew I was “sexually active”. I’m sixteen, and I could get friend to take me but I’m so nervous about the whole, payment, insurance thing. I once again reiterate, my mom is crazy. She’d slit my throat for even asking. What do I do? I want to keep my parents out of my social/private life as much as possible, but I don’t know how.

Go to Planned Parenthood. Be frank and up-front about your home situation. Tell them what’s going on, and see what they can do for you. They tend to be extra sensitive to situations like yours, and their ability to offer services at reduced cost varies from community to community, so who knows? You might get lucky and be able to afford to see a doctor.

Whatever you do, don’t use your family insurance card. Don’t give them your home address or home phone number. Cell phone only. If they need an address, consider using your school’s address or maybe a trusted friend, as long as it won’t get back to your folks.

You’re in a tough spot for the next six hundred days, babe. Sorry. It sucks that your mom is so willfully ignorant. I’m guessing she’s super religious?

Yeah. Fuck her religion.

Good luck, sweetie.


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