On mother-in-law drama.

How do I deal with a meddling, manipulative controlling bitch of a mother-in-law who is trying to ruin our marriage and our lives?  We married late in life and this woman has made no bones about the fact that I’m here to work my ass off to support her son so he can do whatever she wants him to do and screw me if I don’t like it.  My darling husband doesn’t have the balls to tell her where to get off.  What should I do? I don’t want her ruin the last few good years of our lives with her selfish shit.

You need to recognize that this is a bit of a gender role reversal. It’s usually the husband who gripes about the mother-in-law for this very reason, but clearly you’re the man of the house. Own that shit.

I’m also willing to bet that your husband married a woman who was a lot like his mother. You crazy bitches are battling it out because you have more in common than either of you want to admit.

You two are both strong willed and dominant. One wife. One mother. Each competing for the love and testicles of a “darling” man. Yikes.

Don’t kid yourself, this is a fight to the death. That’s your edge, actually. You can run out the clock on the sour old cunt, so let this be a cold war, a war of attrition.

Whenever possible, ignore her. As far as you’re concerned, she doesn’t exist.

Whenever she does get in your way by giving your husband an order that fucks with your day, give your husband a countermanding order. If she asks him to do errand X, you tell him to complete task Y instead.

Enforce your precedence. You take priority. Don’t let him forget it. You’ve all but admitted that he’s a big pussy, so just put in the effort to train him. Wife first. Mother second.

Never forget, he’s the only one who can tell her to fuck off. You can’t ever say shit, but if you program your husband with enough negative reinforcement, eventually you’ll get him to where he might just tell her to fuck off for you.


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