On no big deal.

Do you think Bon Iver’s front-man’s pre-Grammy rant and acceptance of the award was completely self-indulgent and pseudo-indie bullshit?

He actually mutters the words “I make music for the inherent value of making music” and expects to be taken seriously? Is he in 7th grade?

His whole speech about there being a lot of great artists out there who aren’t recognized tonight… Is that supposed to be a revelation? No shit, dude. Yeah, the Grammys are a joke, but come on.

His whole act was completely childish. Just accept the award and shut up. An out of touch award committee recognized your band’s work, be happy about it.

This whole concept of “selling out” only matters to middle-upper class, junior high suburban white kids. I just find it kind of shocking that people actual think this guy had something of substance to say or actually stood for something.

I know I usually live tweet award shows, but I haven’t had time to take a shit this week, much less watch the Grammys last Sunday. This is a super busy time of year for me. I’ve been busting my ass with back-to-back eighteen hour days in Vegas. Next week, New York.

Sorry I missed the lumberjack queef from Bon Iver acting all sheepish about getting some glitter in his beard in a room full of pathological narcissists, but that kind of thing is nothing new. Michael Stipe used to do it. Bono used to pretend to do it. Big fucking deal. There’s no reason you should be burning calories on that nonsense.

Now chill the fuck out and get back to work.


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