On not dating.

Coke Talk, how do you feel about NOT dating? I am in my mid-twenties, I moved to NYC less than 6 months ago, and I’ve already dated half the archetypes in this city. (Artist, equity sales trader, journalist.) It’s all fun and games until… it isn’t. I’d like to cool my jets and just figure shit out, but my friends say I’m wasting valuable time looking for a man. The “single gal in the city” thing is a nightmare archetype, but it can be difficult to resist. On top of that, every man in NYC thinks you either want to get married or just have some casual sex. (There is no middle ground here, which blows, since I just moved here from Florida.) I’d like some advice for the gals who want to have peace of mind. Is it alright to just chill the fuck out and not date for a few months? Or do we always need to “get on the game” and prowl? I celibacy so terrible for a month?

Go stand on any street corner in the city. See all those taxis with their “off duty” light turned on? They’ve got an illuminated god-damned sign, but some drunk asshole is still gonna try and flag ‘em down.

Those cabbies don’t stop. They don’t give a rat’s ass what gets yelled at them, and neither should you.

Just chill the fuck out, sister. Turn on your “off duty” light, ignore the drunks, and take all the time you need just enjoying the ride.


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