On not doing your dealer.

Yo, so my dealer wants to fuck me, badly. I’m not into him at all, which usually wouldn’t be the biggest problem, but I really don’t want to fuck up our business relationship: he gets pretty phenom stuff and sells to me at discounted prices because we’ve known each other for a while. We made out once three years ago, he went all Fatal Attraction on me and I realized he wanted it to turn into a relationship, and I was like “woah, I was wasted, I make out with everybody, calm down.” I’m just not a commitment kinda gal. Fast forward to three weeks ago, I made the same drunken mistake of kissing him (I realize I shouldn’t have done that, but drunk me isn’t the best at decisions), and once again, he won’t step off. I’ve ignored his phone calls and denied his requests to hang out one-on-one. He’s a nice guy, I just don’t want to fuck him. I do, however, want to remain a customer. I’m stopping by his place tomorrow to make a purchase, and I’m pretty positive he will try something. How do I tell him to back off without offending him and ruining my best connection?

Sister, if I had a fucking nickel. Ugh!

Let me tell you, this kind of shit happens to me all the time. Honestly, I have yet to meet a dealer who didn’t have a warped sense of propriety when it came to female customers.

It’s not so much a sense of entitlement, but these guys are so used to actual coke whores they just start thinking that all girls are that easy to get.

Your dealer needs a pussy reality check, and there’s no easy way to do it.

It’s going to be awkward, but I suggest a strong, simple version of, “I’m not available. Please don’t pursue me sexually.”

Keep it respectful and amicable, but be crystal clear.

If he stops giving you a good price, call him out on it. “You mean the only reason you were giving me a discount is because you wanted to fuck me? That’s not cool, I thought we were friends.”

We all know the truth, but there’s no harm in shaming your way back to friend rates. Remember, he needs good customers more than you need good blow.

Good luck.


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