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On our extinction

Do you look forward to the extinction of humankind? I sure do, I feel like the most beautiful thing that humans could achieve would be to finally die off and let the good earth try to heal itself. When I say this to close family members they never agree and sometimes are angry at me, calling me morbid. There isn’t anything more morbid than our species smothering and poisoning every other one on the planet. I’m not worried about being judged, just worried about those who are reproducing and those who want to cure major human diseases.


The good earth? You fucking idiot. The earth is an ethically inert mud ball hurtling around an amoral little star in an infinitely vast universe that is neither good nor evil. On a geological time scale, the measurable effect of our species on the planet is an insignificant burp.

It takes the human condition to color the world with value judgments, and yours are self-hating and silly. Besides, we’re not going to make it anyway. Not at our current stage of evolution, and certainly not if we stick around this corner of the solar system. 99.9% of all species that have ever existed on earth are now extinct, and one day we will be too. We aren’t that fucking special.

Does that mean we should wish for our annihilation? Fuck no. Only arrogant malcontents think like that. All you’re doing is projecting your own self loathing onto a species-centric world view, one that’s no different from the ignorant fucks who think we were put on the planet to rule over the animals.

Humanity is a fleeting and beautiful experience, the sum total of which probably won’t count for shit in the long run. So what? Don’t resent your species. It’s a wasted emotion based on a primitive way of thinking.

If you really look forward to the extinction of humankind, then do your part and kill yourself. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride.


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