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On wasting time

What do you MEAN there’s no such thing as wasting time? What if I dick around on the internet when I have reading to do or papers to write…isn’t that wasting time?

No. Procrastination isn’t wasting time. It’s merely a reflection of your inability to prioritize according to a given value system.

Not that time really exists to be wasted in the first place, but if we limit the definition of time to be the perceived duration of your consciousness, it’s still impossible to say that such a concept could be experienced in an inefficient or ineffective manner without first imposing a value system. Fuck it. Just shift your values, and suddenly the time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.

Of course, if you really want enlightenment, just shift your perception of consciousness, and you can enjoy the present moment without the notion of time or any value system whatsoever.


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