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Yo, I wanna hear what you have to say about San Francisco.  Moved here a year and a half ago, have lots of love for many things in the Bay Area but having troubz rationalizing the garbage attitudes.  Thoughts?

I love San Francisco, but only in small doses. The people I know there are hella cool, and by people, I mean individuals with distinct thoughts and opinions.

That’s what’s weird about San Francisco. If you step back from it and let everyone’s personality dissolve into a fog of human energy, that shit doesn’t feel quite right. For some reason, the people there buzz at an annoying frequency.

Still, it’s great for a long, drug-fueled weekend. I mean, where else could my tattooed lesbian stripper friends take me to an impromptu Wiccan ceremony in the tower of a legendary Victorian mansion that some weirdo aging hippie bought because the founder of the Church of Satan used to hang out there?

When it’s not taking itself too seriously, San Francisco is a magnificent fucking freak show, and the only thing I love more than getting sticky in it is finally getting to leave.


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