On science.

I had a bit of a revelation earlier, as far as I can tell from all the people I can think of, you are by far the most qualified(Yes- you’re qualified in this matter as far as I’m concerned. You’ve proved yourself to me time and time again, even if this is just a hobby and a game for you, your manner of existence is what I consider to be perfection. You might not know everything but you have a response for pretty much anything someone can fling at you. I wish I could achieve such contentedness with my place in the universe) to answer my problem. Is it a problem? I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me.

I realized, that I don’t believe in creationism, because science disproves it. Of course, this doesn’t just limit the bible, if it did, this would be a fuck of a lot simpler for me, and I could use my powers of intelligence in other fields to justify my refusal to believe in creationism.

My issue here, is that those who believe in creationism, are at some length, lead by a vein of ignorance. From the biggest hick in the deep south of the USA to my sister who so blindly believes in the bible (though her evident intellectual capabilities should help her to see outside the book she pours her existence into), there is some ignorance guiding them towards this belief.

But I’m just as ignorant for using science not to believe any of it. I don’t understand science. I’m a language person. Throw law, philosophy, literature, critical literacy at me, I’ll eat that shit up like a black hole- but not science. Not math. I can’t do it. I don’t understand even the most fundamental things. Sure, I know that Two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen is water, but what does that *mean*? I know that atoms exist, but I’ve got about as much tangible proof of that as I do of creationism. I know that the Sun is billions of kilometres away, but I can’t measure it. There is so much about science that I can’t see any tangible proof of. It just IS, and to question it is silly. Just like the way some people say “God just IS.”

People give all this scientific evidence that creationism is a load of shit, I take for granted that what they’re saying is true. I don’t even understand what they’re saying, but it’s science- so it must be true, right?

But if I could understand it, I’m sure if I’m bright enough to question my own ignorance through the belief of science, I would test sufficiently to see that yes- it is truth. But I don’t know science. I can’t understand a word of it, and it makes my head spin, just like politics make some people’s heads spin, or social situations make some people’s heads spin. I’m ignorant of science, yet faithful sheep to the Truth, I will follow. Because it is the truth. Great scientists, in perspective, are no different to preachers. They say what they believe, through their respective methods of inquiry, to be the truth.

So my problem here is that while I sneer at my sister who believes Jesus laid himself on the cross for *her* sins so readily it makes me want to either a) throw up or b) laugh at her for her inability to question something so ridiculous in modern life.

But I’m just as much a blind sheep for accepting that science is truth, am I not?

It’s doing my fucking head in.

Oh really? It’s doing your head in? Well, Mr. Concern Troll, maybe I should just let science keep fucking you in the ear.

Please refrain from using the priest analogy with scientists. Saying that great scientists are no different to preachers only demonstrates your ignorance to the methods of scientific inquiry.

In fact, all you’ve managed to do here is repeatedly demonstrate your ignorance. We get it. You’re stupid. Too stupid to understand all those big scary numbers and complicated equations, and therefore anything beyond the very limited scope of your comprehension must be somehow magical and therefore accepted on faith. You asshole.

Faith is a blind belief that doesn’t rest on logical proof or material evidence. Guess what? Science is all about logical proof and material evidence. Just because you’re too dumb and/or lazy to tackle the available evidence doesn’t make it any less evident.

Even at the bleeding edge of theory, science is a rigorous practice that demands testability for its hypotheses. None of it “just is.” It takes religion to make ridiculous shit up about the world and then claim that it’s revealed and unalterable knowledge from a supreme being.

Listen up, if you’re a blind sheep, it’s not because you accept any particular truth based on evidence, faith, or any combination thereof. You’re blind because your eyes are closed. You’re a sheep because your instinct is to herd and follow.

Open your fucking eyes and make your own way. Think for yourself. Ultimately, all this science versus religion bullshit boils down to an argument between rational versus irrational.

As long as you never stop learning new things and never surrender your rational mind, I really don’t care what you end up believing, because whether you like it or not, at the end of the day, it’s all fucking science. All of it.


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