On sex with girls.

How do you fuck girls as opposed to guys? I’m just starting to tread in the girl territory now that I’ve realized I’m more bisexual than I thought, but there are obviously different buttons to push and different ways to push them than with guys, and apart from a couple of kisses, I have no sexual experience with girls.

I know you’ve had sex with girls and you seem experienced, so please help a girl out.

Don’t worry about the buttons. You have a vagina, and you’ve watched enough girl-on-girl porn not to be confused about how this works. The physicality of it will come naturally, so just take your time and enjoy how soft and different it is.

The most important thing you can do in this phase of your exploration is be open with your partners about your emotional expectations. It’s fine if you’re just playing around with your bisexuality, but it may be more than just experimentation for them.

You think shit gets complicated with guys? Try fucking a lesbian who considers you a legitimate relationship prospect when all you’re doing is satisfying curiosity. Trust me, you can’t even imagine the drama.

Just make sure you’re both in bed for compatible reasons, and the rest will be fun and delicious.


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