On simple math

I just saw this pop up on facebook and I’m curious about what you’d say to this:

“In all of my research on the subject of gay marriage here are the indisputable facts. All but 1 of the major religions around the globe do not condone homosexual marriage and all but 2 find it insulting. As of July 2012 that accounts for roughly 66% of the worlds population. 2/3rds of the people on the planet find it insulting for homosexuals to be married. While the homosexual, bisexual, and transgender population of the united states is estimated at only 3.8% or 9 million which out of the total population of the world comes out to be .13%. .13% wants to have their voice heard over 66%. Remember these are indisputable facts so before anyone tries to make a biased opinionated comment let me remind you that nothing in this statement, according to valid sources, is incorrect. Let math speak for this not bitter words.”

First of all, this isn’t math. This is number salad, and the idiot who tossed it together doesn’t understand statistics or the meaning of the word indisputable.

I’m willing to grant that most of the world’s major religions have fucked up opinions about gay marriage, but it takes a rambling mess of logical fallacies to conclude that 66% of the people on the planet find gay marriage insulting due to the institutionalized ignorance of their respective religions.

I have more faith in humanity than that, but hey, just for the sake of argument, let’s say that 66% of the people on the planet really are against gay marriage. So fucking what? All that means is 66% of the people are 100% wrong.

See? Simple math. So simple that the percentage of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender doesn’t factor into this moral equation at all. For the record, it’s definitely higher than 3.8%, but even if it was .001%, it wouldn’t matter in the least.

You don’t get to deny people their civil liberties just because they’re in the minority. Everyone deserves equal rights under the law, and everyone else’s stupid religion can just step the fuck off.


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