On starting a blog.

I’ve been whining to my friends like a bitch in heat for days about wanting to start my own blog. In order to finally get these retarded and sometimes slightly amusing thoughts of mine out there to disturb the general public.

While I have the support of my friends and family. I don’t have the abundance of balls you seem to exhibit, to just fucking go for it. I allow fear of both failure and success to keep their unflinching hold over me.

Would it be too forward of me to ask for a proverbial bitch slap in the right direction?

Bitch slap? Sure.

Do you have any idea how fucking easy it is to start a blog these days? Got the internet and some fingers? Click here. Now type your email address. Choose a password. Pick a clever handle.

Boom. There, you’re welcome.

The benevolent geniuses over at Tumblr have just given you a simple, elegant, and highly customizable digital soapbox absolutely motherfuckingly free.

Do you have any idea how jaw-droppingly awesome that is? It’s roughly the equivalent of Conde Nast showing up at your dorm room and offering free hand-jobs to whoever wants to publish their own magazine.

You have no idea how lucky you are to live in an era where these kinds of publishing tools are available at no risk and no cost.

Say thank you. Now, go deserve it.

Start typing with the confident knowledge that you have nothing to lose, and that if you have anything at all interesting to say, really cool and fascinating people from all over the planet will start reading your shit.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.


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