On the humorless and ignorant.

Dear Hater,

I am religious and I am tolerant of others’ beliefs as they may differ from my own. I have really enjoyed reading your work here but I take exception to being labeled a dumbass because of my religion. And, yay your bookshelf, no I don’t have sacred texts lined up like cookbooks at my house, and I haven’t since I was in college, but I took several courses in theology and several more in philosophy so um yeah I think that I can claim to have taken a pretty robust critical look at my beliefs. Especially considering that I was a lifelong atheist until a couple of years ago (long after those college days). I was never such an atheist, though, as to line up for any bigotry.

So, you don’t need my tolerance (below). I don’t need yours either, but I would certainly hold you in greater esteem if you could spare us your bigoted assumptions about people of faith.

I guess if you live in Los Angeles, you are ok with Jews as long as they are not observant? Pretty much anybody willing to stay out of a church? Probably Buddhists too and maybe Unitarians if they are cool? You really don’t see any inconsistency there?

Maybe you should read more, if you don’t think that religious people examine their own beliefs, if you think that we just sign off our self-determination in exchange for a set of easy answers. You could start with Saint Augustine, “The Literal Interpretation of Genesis.” It is a real eye-opener.

God, you people are boring. I’m gonna go masturbate.


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