On the number from down under.

So I am sitting here in the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s metropolis watching the world go by and writing to you while a fat guy sits next to me eating $3 pasta. Do you think there’s anyone else in this city seeping your wise words of wisdom right here, right now?

As a matter of fact, there are a hundred sixty-two others in Sydney, sixty-four in Melbourne, forty-two in Brisbane, twenty-four in Perth, eighteen in Adelaide, and another twenty-seven spread out over the rest of the territory, and those are just the visitors that google is counting at the present moment. Lord knows how many Aussies are reading shit off their tumblr dashboards.

And yes, my decision to answer your question was based entirely on the fact that “the number from down under” instantly popped into my head, and there was no way I was gonna be able to resist a title with that much hair on its ass.

I’m a huge dork.


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