On the perils of an open marriage.

My husband and I wanted to try and open our relationship.  We were fine for a bit, but now he seems really jealous.  He doesn’t want to be open anymore which is fine. He can’t seem to get over my having sex with other men. He says its different for men then women. He can no longer look at me the same. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Which part do you want fixed, your marriage or the double standard?

Either way, you’re gonna have to lay down some tough love, because your husband is acting like a spoiled little bitch.

He’s perfectly happy sticking his dick in another man’s wife, but the sight of you getting a good pounding from another dude sends him into fits of infantile, hyper-possessive jealousy. Ugh. There’s one like him at every party.

For the record, it is not different for men than women. Swinging is a two way street. He only says that bullshit because he’s weak and unevolved, and you know what? Fuck him for saying it in the first place.

Also, it’s not you that he sees differently. It’s his own manhood. His ego has been wounded, and as pathetic as this sounds, you’re gonna have to either stroke it until it heals or smack it until it toughens up.

It takes a strong, self-realized man to handle an open relationship. You don’t have one of those. Yet.

Good luck dragging his ass into enlightenment.


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