On the post college blahs

I just graduated from college and it feels fucking weird. What do I do to get that sense of normalcy back in life? I have a job and am living with my boyfriend but I feel like everything is an out of body experience now. I know that this is the time to do shit on my own, but I’m doing that and I still feel like shit. Suggestions?

First of all, June gloom is real. You just gotta wait that shit out.

Secondly, it’s not a sense of normalcy you’re missing. It’s a sense of purpose. The goal oriented structure of college life used to give you that purpose, and now that it’s over you’re a bit lost.

Graduating from college used to mean the start of your career, but these days you’re basically just graduating from High School, Part II and you’re lucky just to get some shit job. Of course, not too long ago, the expectation also would have been that you immediately get married and start pumping out kids.

Either way, career and kids used to be the default sources of purpose for the middle class, but your generation’s post-collegiate experience no longer comes with that shit built-in.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure, it may lead to your flavor of minor existential pre-life crisis, but there’s also a certain kind of freedom in being able to discover a purpose instead of having one handed to you by a set of sociological norms.

As for suggestions, just take your head out of your ass, look around, and find yourself a purpose.

Good luck.


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