On what makes you happy

I love reading both your blog and your answers to these questions.  There’s something raw and funny about your writing style.  Your life seems full of glamour, passion, and some sick parties—the kind of life I dream of living someday.  Thing is, I’m not like that.  As much as I want to be a glamorous badass, I don’t live up to my daydreams.  I’m in college, and I don’t go out partying every weekend.  I have a boyfriend whom I love and I don’t want to sleep with anyone else.  I like staying in and watching movies.  I don’t have a sweet group of hardcore bitches.  I usually can’t drag myself to go out more than once a weekend when I do.  I’m just… boring.  I’m not the kind of person you would want to know.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m not sure how to word this quality I’m trying to describe… basically, can your flavor of awesome be learned, or is it something with which one must be born?  Should I give up my rockstar fantasies and become content with my quiet nights of Arrested Development and Chinese takeout? I do enjoy them, but I’ve always imagined I’d be someone else at this age.

Are you happy? Yes? Then shut the fuck up and enjoy movie night.

Don’t assume I wouldn’t want to know you, either. I happen to love Arrested Development and Chinese takeout. I also love blowing rails off nine inches of rock hard celebrity cock, so yeah. You lead your life, and I’ll lead mine.

Besides, you’ve got plenty of time after college to come out to Los Angeles and dip your tits in the glitter and madness.


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