On what to do.

I need help. I am recently married and my husband and I live with his mother due to financial issues. He works 40 hours a week and i stay home with our daughter. His mom also stays home all day and talks to me non stop about JESUS ! She’s extremely Christian and preachy.

I’m no God hater, but I have my own beliefs and it makes me crazy that she preaches to me 24/7 when her own marriage is in shambles.


Stop making an endless series of shitty life decisions.

Your goal right now should be to save up and move out as soon as possible. That means you should get a fucking job. Your mother-in-law stays home all day, so you’ve already got built-in day care. Have her look after your daughter while you go work a shift somewhere.

If grandma says no to the extra responsibility of babysitting her granddaughter, then you’ve got all the leverage you need to tell the old bitch to shut the fuck up the second she ever gets preachy again. If she says yes, you’ll be out of the house working anyway, and with the extra money you’ll earn, your family will be able to move in half the time.

And don’t talk to me about your husband’s forty hours a week. Forty hours ain’t shit coming from a man who can’t put a roof over the head of his new wife and daughter.

Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t have any more kids.


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