On fighting it and winning

What ever happened to the girl who was kicked out of college for saying she was raped? I keep her in my prayers, so please let us know if you hear back!

Yes. I’ve kept in touch with her these past few months, and her case has reached a point where it’s okay for me to update everyone. According to her, “Now that it’s definitely happening, feel free to tell the world. It’s going to be a good fight.”

So yeah, it’s all good news. Shortly after the original post, she got in touch with her local district attorney who put her in touch with the appropriate women’s legal advocacy group. They agreed to take on her case, and she began gearing up for a fight.

It took some time, but the lawyers proved effective. Not only were all of the charges against her dropped, but the college realized how badly they screwed up, and they readmitted her with their humblest apologies.

Nevertheless, she’s moving forward with a fairly significant lawsuit, and she seems confident that she has a good chance of winning. Her lawyers think the case may get some publicity, so we’ll see what happens. As she puts it, “I’m sure as hell not letting this go.”

Fuck yeah.


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