On maine

I know you might be getting a bunch of ‘but what about such and such a place??’ questions, but I’ve got to ask mine.. what about Maine? I’ve got my heart on my sleeve for York County, myself. Especially Wells. I’m a young adult, and from what I hear I’m supposed to live in a city, especially since I can’t drive. But Wells is where my heart is, can’t help it.

I picked blueberries in Maine once as a child. It was the first time I’d ever seen a rocky beach. I thought it was beautiful, and I felt like for the first time I understood the difference between the ocean and the sea.

I remember Maine as something muted and pale, but ultimately pleasant, sort of like walking through an Andrew Wyeth painting. That’s it, really. Everything else I know about Maine I learned from Stephen King books.


2 thoughts on “On maine

  1. Jake says:

    Just saying w/ half my family in Maine and New Brunswick this is perfect and also thanks for putting a name on that withered portrait of a braided woman stuck in my head from high school.

    Between western sprawl and salty, east coast gravel, was the rocky beach the ‘ocean’ or the ‘sea’ to you?

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